Pelvic Release

(Re)connect with your pelvic floor,
and with yourself


Do you (sometimes) experience pain during sex?

Do you want to relax and enjoy more in intimacy and sex?

Do you find it difficult to feel what you want or to set your limits?

What is Pelvic Release?

Pelvic Release is a gentle, mindful and body-oriented coaching method to get more connection with your body, your pelvic area and yourself. It’s a form of body-oriented coaching, with a specific focus on the pelvic area.

The pelvic area is a delicate and sensitive area when it comes to feeling pleasure, connection, safety, base, self-worth, self-expression and creativity. Besides that, it’s also very sensitive to pressure, stress, unmet needs, desires and boundaries.

Talking about intimacy and sex
For many people, it is hard to talk about intimacy and sex. Society, education and media invested many years in building an image of what sex ‘is’ or what it ‘should’ look like. Feeding us with beliefs, thoughts, and shame that are far from helpful to discover our own needs, wishes and healthy boundaries. Let alone to value and trust them.

Pelvic release offers a safe space to talk about shame, fears and desires around sex and intimacy. It welcomes emotions that may come up while talking about it. It can help you to open up to connecting with yourself, your body and others on a deeper level. And to enjoy intimacy and pleasure (again).

“When it’s hard to talk about sex and intimacy, it can be hard to experience it fully too.”

Mindful touch
The attention and touch that we typically give to our genitals often have a functional purpose: we keep ourselves clean and hygienic, and we hope it all 'works' when we want it to work. Especially during sex and intimacy.

In Pelvic Release sessions, we focus on taking time to feel what is alive in you when you bring your attention and touch to your pelvic area. Without judgment. And without needing to "get" somewhere. I often see that when there is no pressure of achievement, there comes more room for the pleasurable feelings and sensations we long for.

Various exercises from the Wheel of Consent help you to practice feeling and expressing your wishes and limits and to recognize your own (body) wisdom in this.

How would it feel to bring your attention to your pelvic area for a moment?
What would you experience?

"It felt really precious to me, to be able to be so specific about what I wanted or needed in the moment. That’s what made this experience feel very safe too."
35 years old

What does Pelvic Release help you with?

Pelvic release helps to connect with yourself, your body and your pelvic area on a deeper level.

Opening up to sex and intimacy again

When you feel safe to talk about shame, guilt or fear around intimacy and sex, magical things can happen. Pelvic release offers you a safe base and a step by step journey.

Release tension and blockages

When we feel the need to hold back in the way we are, and in expressing what we want or don’t want, our pelvis often get tensed up. When this happens a lot, the body gets used to being tense rather than being relaxed. Exercises in attention, touch and expression help your body to relax. They help your system remember that it is safe to feel and indicate your needs, desires, and healthy boundaries. That it is safe to be who you are. And to be able to fully experience pleasurable sensations.

Pain during sex - the body-mind connection
How we think about things, has an effect on our body. Stressful thoughts create tension in your body. For example, if you think your relationship depends on how much you have to offer in sex, it can create a performance pressure that builds tension in your pelvis. This can cause problems such as pain during intercourse or losing an erection during sex and intimacy.

"How we think about things, has an effect on our body."

Connect more with yourself
Your pelvic is the core of who you are. Bringing more attention and awareness to your pelvic area lets you connect more with your core: your needs and desires.

Discovering desires
Being more connected with your pelvis also helps you feel better about what you want in sex and intimacy. Where and how you want to be touched, but also what you need to relax.

"Exercises in attention, touch and expression help your body to relax and experience that it is safe to be who you are, with everything you want and don't want."

What does a session look like?

In an (online) Pelvic Release session, we start with a few minutes ‘to land’ together: we give some time to become more present in the moment, and to explore what feels most present to work on.

Talk and Touch
Sometimes there is more talking and feeling into your body, how she responds to what we are talking about. Other times, I invite you to connect more with your body and yourself through some exercises, with or without touch. All clothes can stay on during the session. In between sessions, I give you exercises that you can do at home, with or without clothing.

From old to new patterns
During the sessions, we may encounter the patterns and blockages that, for whatever reasons, your body has created to protect you. Apparently at some point it was safer for your system not to experience or feel something than it was to do so. With exercises in attention, touch and expressing, we can slowly get your body and system used to the fact that it is safe to express yourself, and to experience pleasurable sensations fully again.

It is normal for emotions to arise when you get more in touch with your body (especially your pelvic area), and with what’s holding you back in enjoying connection or pleasant sensations. I offer a safe place where you can be with what is. If at any point, it feels like "too much", I offer gentle ways to bring your system back to safety again.

This is for you if:

  • You (sometimes) experience pain during sex
  • You want to relax and enjoy more in intimacy and sex
  • You find it difficult to feel what you want or to set your limits

If you resonate with the above or you feel triggered by it, it can be interesting for you to explore that in Pelvic Release coaching.

The logistics

To open up to more awareness of your bodily experience, takes time, attention and practice. Your system needs time and space to ease its way into new patterns. When your system feels pushed, it will take longer to relax and open up to change. It’s for this reason I have arranged my offering in the following way:

  • Two 60 minute sessions per month
  • Guidance in self-reflection and email support in between sessions
  • Minimum commitment of 3 months (6 sessions)

The investment:

€ 200 per month

I give my sessions online via Zoom. There is a limited number of spots available for live sessions.

Apply for Pelvic Release

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