My name is Irene Buur and I am a body-oriented coach in Amsterdam. I help people to relax more and to enjoy intimacy and sex again.

I am fascinated by the wisdom of the body: all the wisdom, that is always at hand everywhere you go.

So convenient.
If only you would listen.

Not listening to my body

I didn't listen to my body for many years. Bigger and smaller signals I didn’t notice or simply ignored them. More often out of fear of disappointing others (like partners, friends, family, bosses) and the fear of not being able to meet their expectations. This is how I came to experience pain during intercourse and how I overworked myself into burn-out.

Slowing down

In 2014, it probably wasn’t a coincidence that I touched upon body awareness, through blues dancing. Say what? Yep, blues dancing. During this very slow dance (it’s basically cuddling to music) I learned how to slow down and what the effects of that can be.

When I slow down, I notice so much more of what is happening in the moment: in my body, in the connection with my dancing partner, how I feel, what thoughts come up. All sorts of things which I easily overlooked in the speed of daily life.

Because I experienced my body more, and therefore myself, also in connection with others, this connection suddenly became more intense, more versatile, more meaningful, more intimate. This felt so wonderful and I found it so endlessly interesting that I rolled from the dancing world into a journey of discovery of awareness.

I undertook many trainings and workshops in the Polyvagal Theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Wheel of Consent, Pelvic Release, Tantra, Mindfulness and Rosen Method Bodywork.

Desires and boundaries

I learned to recognize and acknowledge the signals of my body.
I started to respect, trust and follow them.

My desires and boundaries became clearer, and I learned to communicate them without having to lose the connection with someone else. In fact, expressing them made most connections a lot more intimate and alive! A whole new world opened up for me: my life has become livelier, clearer, more real, relaxed and intimate.

Choosing for myself

By recognizing more of what I want and what I don’t want, it has become easier to make choices for myself. For what really suits my personality. In daily life, at work, in friendships and relationships, and in sex and intimacy.

Enjoying intimacy and pleasure again

I discovered how my body (including my mind) was simply trying to protect me. When I started to follow her signals, I found a way to create safety and freedom to enjoy sex and intimacy again. Without fear or pain, or the feeling of not being good enough. On the contrary, I’ve found my power.

I learned that the concept of “sex” is so much wider than the ‘image of what sex is’, betrayed by society and the media.

Everything I’ve learned, I share and apply in my sessions, workshop and talks op het gebied van bewustwording, lichaamswijsheid en intimiteit. Daarnaast deel ik inspiratie over deze onderwerpen in de vorm van illustrations and short videos.

My dream

My dream is that everyone can discover his or her own (body) wisdom, in order to choose in every moment what suits you best. To discover your desires, and recognize your boundaries, during sex and intimacy, and therefore in the rest of your life.

My gift to you

If you want to experience what it’s like to have me as your coach, schedule a complimentary coaching session with me by clicking the button below. This is a full 1 hour online coaching session, not a getting-to-know-each-other call. It’s a no strings attached gift from me to you.

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Please feel welcome to contact me if you have any questions about what I offer.