Do you want to enjoy
and relax more,
in sex and intimacy?

Discover what is
holding you back

Do you feel something is holding you back from enjoying sex and pleasure fully?

Are you afraid your partner wants more, or wants to go faster, than you?

Is it hard to know what you want and how to ask for it?

Is it hard to set healthy boundaries?

Does it feel scary to work on the area of sex and intimacy?

In connection with yourself

During sex and intimacy, we often tend to worry about the other person. Am I doing it right? Am I going too fast or too slow? Is what I want or don't want weird?

I believe that satisfying sex starts with you. I’m not talking masturbation. I’m talking about being in connection with yourself, and with your body. Because that will help you get clarity on what you like, what you don’t want and when you have doubts.

Your body

To be more in connection with yourself, it is important to know yourself, and your body well. Your body offers you an amazing tool to connect with yourself on a deeper level and to stay true to yourself. How is your body responding in the moment, when you are with somebody, what do you experience in your body?

Choosing for yourself

When you get to know the signals of your body, your boundaries and desires become clearer and easier to indicate. It becomes easier to make choices that suit you. Not just in the bedroom this will likely impact all areas of your life.

Discover with Intimacy Coaching or Body-oriented coaching how you can use the wisdom of your body to stay in alignment with yourself. During sex and intimacy, and in other aspects of your life.


Intimacy Coaching

In this body-oriented approach I guide you to let go of ideas of what sex should look like and to discover what makes you happy in the bedroom. Thoughts and worries about sex and intimacy will make more room for relaxation and excitement.


Body-oriented coaching

Body-oriented coaching offers a mindful approach to feel what is happening in your body in the moment. You learn to feel what you want and to set healthy boundaries. You discover your own (body) wisdom, which you can use to make choices that suit you.



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